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Self-reflection is something we can undertake at any stage of life.  It can help to examine our goals, decision making, motivations and feelings around a whole range of experiences.




This collection contains learning paths of various sport and fitness information, course modules, and activities, along with a collection of relevant videos and many useful links to those interested in learning about all aspects of sport and fitness.

How Nature Works Collection (BBC and The Open University)


This collection is to accompany the new BBC and The Open University television series that is being broadcast in June 2012.

Forests, grasslands, jungles and wetlands are complex habitats and the interplay between different organisms can mean that they are finely balanced: a small change in one part may have profound consequences for the whole ecosystem.

Understanding the connections is of obvious importance for the future, but there is a fascination in just looking at the natural world and marvelling at the way in which natural selection has shaped the interdependence of organisms.

The series covers not so much what is really beautiful about nature, as in not the amazing animals and plants that we share the planet with - but the hidden relationships between them. These relationships may sound bizarre but without them, no life would be possible.

Check out the learning paths in this collection to find out:

  • Why a crab in the swamps of Bangladesh needs a tiger
  • Why the mighty Brazil nut tree needs a rare orchid and a small rodent 
  • Why a small gecko in Kenya needs a giraffe
  • Why the North American lynx needs a tiny moth caterpillar

Image © BBC

This collection houses lots of information regarding The Open University Graduation Ceremonies, including:

  • Ceremony locations and venues
  • How to book
  • Gown hire and photography
  • Events
  • Booking
  • General information


Image © The Open University – Karen Parker


A collection of videos on how to use the following features:

  • Backpack
  • Collections
  • Events
  • Friends and Followers
  • Learning Paths
  • Messages
  • Profiles
  • Questions
  • Recommendations
  • Subscriptions
  • Tasks
  • Thoughts

This collection contains paths to help you develop your writing skills for study at The Open University.

This collection contains learning paths for the core skills required to undertake OU study including:

  • Time Management Skills
  • Reading and Writing Maths
  • Critical Reading Techniques
  • Giving Presentation Skills
  • Developing Academic English
  • Forums

This collection contains a number of paths that offer advice on gaining employment after completing higher education.

This collection includes a number of paths that help you improve your studying techniques.

This collection includes a number of paths that help you develop and maintain your study skills.  These include:

  • Notetaking Techniques
  • Making the Most of your Learning Style
  • Strategic Study Techniques
  • Postgraduate Study Skills
  • Computing Help and Support


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